The Secret of Zen Monks Revealed

Do you want to know what the secret of a Zen monk is? How he remains so calm, yet alert at the same time? For years, the question has bugged us, how a Zen monk keeps himself nimble and tranquil at the same time bugs us. The answer is simple, the best matcha green tea keeps him poised and alert. Drinking tea has benefits beyond measure; this is practically acceptable everywhere in the world. Green tea is the healthiest among different types of tea and matcha is the crown jewel of green tea.

For years, it was drunk in Japan, known for its bulk matcha production. Slowly, matcha tea is gaining ground in the rest of the world. The best part, its rich antioxidant properties are not even the sales pitch, it is the L-Theanine. It is an amino acid, which combined with antioxidants and phytonutrients, calms the edgy feeling due to consuming caffeine. Yes, matcha has caffeine in it but its negatives are toned down to give the drinker best of both the worlds. The drinker of matcha experiences an alert sensation, up to six hours due to caffeine and a poised disposition due to L-Theanine, which inhibits the absorption process of caffeine in the bloodstream. Hence, a state of alertness without the usual jumpy feeling associated with caffeine consumption.
In other words, it is the age old secret of Japanese monks who remain in a state of duality, portraying the perfect balance and symmetry of nature.


Uses of Ceremonial Grade Matcha

The AOI Tea Company’s ceremonial grade matcha is some of the best natural tea in the world and a very healthier way to eat matcha natural tea.  Ceremonial matcha is used in desserts, pies and ice cream, as a component in cooked goods and dinners and it is especially popular in lattes and shakes. Getting a regular intake of the anti-oxidants from matcha natural tea may also help with a healthy body, through decrease in cholesterol levels and hypertension.

Check out some of the best recipes that you can make with ceremonial Grade Matcha

Matcha Banana Shake: Easy and delightful. The Matcha Bananas Shake is very simple to make, and is best for morning meal or a pre-workout treats.

Matcha Pancakes: There are few factors that can create an individual rise and glow like a collection of candy processor hotcakes.  With matcha included, they are an excellent way to begin the day!

Matcha Peanut Butter Granola Bars: This healthy, wholesome granola bars treats is loaded with the carbohydrate food and protein to enthuse your day.

Matcha Chocolate Chip Cakes: Cupcakes and Matcha. Blending these two amazing foods can make for one relishing dessert. It’s a wonderful dessert to serve during the summer, and is one of our personal favorites!

Matcha Float: Is there anything great than a vanilla ice cream float?  The answer is yes, a vanilla ice cream float with matcha green tea!

So, if you are interested in wholesale ceremonial Grade Matcha tea or searching where to buy matcha tea powder, AOI is the perfect option to look for.

Search the best online store for Wholesale Matcha Green Tea

Commonly known for their specific and reliable wholesale services by their current clients, at AOI you will get a unique and personalized choice of wholesale matcha tea and other tea items exclusively cost for tea bars and suppliers.  AOI has been providing top-quality, high quality Premium Matcha Tea for wholesale for over 100 years!

The company’s wholesale division strives on to build long lasting connections with their highly esteemed clients because they focus on customer support and offering excellent products. They are versatile with the personalization of purchases to match your company’s specific need and their quick turn-around time on purchases assures you’ll have delicious matcha on-time.

But why should you choose AOI for wholesale matcha? You should choose AOI because it focuses on value beyond just the product. However, the AOI tea company is not just a reseller of matcha, they are the high quality manufacturers and have been in the industry for more than a dcade. They provide certified organic matcha along with independent testing to ensure that the product they deliver is safe for consumption around the globe.

Buy Private Label Matcha in Bulk Quantities and Avail of Discounts

Do you know what private label Matcha is? Well, this nothing but the popular Japanese tea that is packaged under a different brand name. This is followed for various products by several companies. Historically, products with private labels were considered of low-quality and inexpensive. However, in recent times, many firms have started utilizing private labels for superior quality items too.

A New Trend

Private Label MatchaOver the past couple of decades, a new trend has been noticed for private label Matcha tea. Consumers are favouring tea brands with private labels. In fact, it is seen that customers consider these brands of better quality as compared to the national brands. Actually, they don’t even mind paying a higher price for it. This is helping the small entrepreneur who can make profits without having to invest heavily. Hence, owners of cafes and restaurants are able to buy private label Matcha online and use it for their business. They can make profits by opening a Matcha tea café offering a combination of blends. Matcha, being a fine powder can be used easily to make unique beverages for the tea drinker.

Buy Matcha Tea in Bulk

If you want a good deal, buy bulk Matcha online. When you buy something in bulk, it has to be stored well so that it does not lose its freshness and aroma. You should know that Matcha is very sensitive to light and heat. Hence, extreme care has to be taken to store them; once the tea leaves are picked, they are ground without delay. It is then frozen in order to maintain its freshness. This is done only if it is for export. Ideally, once the leaves are ground, the clock starts ticking; about 12 months is the ideal time. However, this is for unopened green tea; for opened tea, the freshness will disappear after about 8 to 12 weeks. In spite of this, most tea businessmen prefer to purchase bulk Matcha online.

How to Store Matcha Tea Powder?

Tea is a universal beverage that is mostly consumed hot. Modern chefs also use private label Matcha tea in different types of recipes such as meat dishes, smoothies, lemonade, yogurt, cakes, scones, biscuits, etc. Due to the presence of anti-oxidants in tea leaves, the ingredient is also used in skincare products. To make this beverage more interesting, tea manufacturers are producing different varieties of tea by using different processing techniques. They also use other natural ingredients for enhancing flavors and health benefits. For home use, you can buy tea powder and mix in spices to achieve flavors of your choice.



How Much To Order?

If you are planning to order Matcha wholesale from Canada, then you must keep two important aspects in mind.  One, the amount of tea you consume on a daily basis. Second, your location, as this will decide the number of days it will take for your order to arrive. If you are a frequent tea consumer and located in another country then it is always better to buy Matcha at wholesale to help you save costs on frequent shipping. Buying at wholesale prices is a good alternative for those who have bulk needs such as chefs, bakers and other manufacturers who use tea in their products.

Tips for Storing Tea Powder

Proper tea storing techniques will help preserve essential nutrients and will also help you enjoy your tea longer. Here are some simple ways to store tea powder. If you are buying wholesale Matcha tea in bulk, you can order several small portions based on your weekly/monthly use so that you can only open and use one pack at time. If it is a large order in one single pack then store the tea in a large air tight container. Each week/month you can transfer little amount of tea into a small container. Store the container in cool dry place.

Favorite Health Teas That People Favor

Since people are becoming more and more health conscious, they are also becoming more aware of all the different foods that will benefit health. The demand for such goods is increasing and whatever the price, people are willing to pay. Green tea Genmaicha is ongreen tea genmaichae such product which has several health benefits. Its unusual toasty taste gives it a nutty and sweet flavor and this makes it more popular. This is one among the other teas like sencha, organic matcha and sencha as well as gyokuro. Each and every one of them oozes with antioxidants and other health benefits.

Some Of The Uses Of Matcha Tea

For more than a century, people in the East have been using green tea because of its many benefits. Now the rest of the world has woken up to this and it is in great demand. It a must have in the diet of most health freaks. For all kinds of stomach ailments, like diarrhea, for lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol and even to calm nerves; this drink is effective. Dental cavities can be prevented too. For those who are afraid of aging, this is a good preventive. The most important use though is the prevention of cancer. So it is a good idea to go ahead and buy genmaicha with matcha and enjoy a healthy life.

Wholesale Matcha Suppliers

It is possible to buy bulk matcha, if you intend to make it your business. There are producers of this tea who are willing to even label the tea for you. It is always better to buy bulk matcha directly from the suppliers as this will ensure that the product is the best quality as well as the best price. The suppliers will also be able to supply the accessories that are necessary like bowls, whisks or tea sets

Guide for New Matcha Tea Drinkers

You might be turning over a new leaf and switching off from your daily coffee, but do you really know enough about matcha? If you are ready to go green make sure you have everything you need before you buy matcha green tea. Matcha is a green tea that has many health benefits and works as an antioxidant in your body. It is a powder that is mixed with water to form a green tea. Matcha can be used in various forms and also as flavouring in shakes, smoothies, confectioneries and pastas. The best matcha green tea is grown at a specific temperature with moderated moisture levels. It is bright green and has a beautiful fresh fragrance. Matcha comes in flavours like blueberry too. This perfect combination is known to reduce belly fat.

Besides matcha, it is important to have the set to prepare the tea. You will need to buy matcha bowls to begin with. These are usually made of ceramic and are the important in order to preserve the flavour and taste of the matcha tea. Next thing on the list should be to buy a matcha tea whisk. This infuses the tea and water together. The bamboo whisk is also called a chasen. In order to purchase all this, you can visit an online tea store that supplies matcha accessories. Do not forget to only buy the best matcha green tea for ceremonial purposes. Do not compromise on quality and rely on stores that specialise in producing matcha alone. If you are planning on distributing accessories for matcha green tea, register online and you can buy wholesale matcha bowls at great prices. Similarly, invest in a good line of matcha tea whisks for your retail outlet. It is best to aim for high quality and offer matcha family sets at reasonable prices.