Why Caffeine is a Boon in Organic Matcha Green Tea

Yes Yes, we all know that caffeine is not entirely healthy as its consumption in large doses can cause jittery feeling and anxiety. Given the fact that a spoonful of premium matcha contains 30 mg caffeine makes the above statement a bold one. Now, why is matcha different than your ordinary coffee or other beverages because, unlike those drinks, matcha contains an amino acid known as L-theanine.

Any caffeinated drink after consumption starts the process of absorbing the compound into the bloodstream. As this caffeine reaches our brain, it attaches itself to the adenosine receptor, thus, not allowing adenosine to interact with the receptors. The pituitary gland sees it as an emergency situation and directs the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline, which provides the rush. However, enter L-theanine, the dissolution of caffeine in the bloodstream is delayed and hence the effect is delayed too. Therefore, a matcha drinker feels the alertness instead of a rush and the drink helps him keep his calm at the same time. Hands down matcha owns every other drink that is out there. Don’t even make me start about the health benefits of I could write a novel about organic matcha green tea usefulness. In summary, very healthy and a must drink beverage.


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